Corporate Services

OCERT - Octofor Emergency Response Team

If you are already breached, report to us and let Octofor Emergency Response Team to take over.
OCERT helps you in a quick recovery by patching the loop hole and within a hours you are up and running with your security flaws all patched.

LivMon - 24x7 Live Monitoring Service

You got websites/webapps/services running all the time? Our LivMon team will provide you a 24x7 round-the-clock monitoring on your service to ensure the security concerns.

ISOC - Information Security Operations Center

Continuous monitoring of internal and external logs and events from your security and other network devices, coupled with threat intelligence and manual analysis of events by #OctoFam ISOC team provides a 360 degree security state to security managers of organisations on a daily basis.

OID -- Octofor Investigation Department

With strategic usage of the best OEM for forensics tools from multiple reliable & best-in-market tools, Octofor brings in a unique competence of integrating the best tools from different manufacturers and providing it's clients a single point forensic solution for almost any kind of requirement in this domain. We extend to:
•Computer Forensics
•Mobile Forensics
•Email Forensics
•Password Forensics
•Social Media Discovery
•Network Forensics

VA & PT -- Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing

As an organisation, you must be having hundreds, if not thousands, of applications running in. In such case, finding only the critical vulnerabilities will only get the half of the job done. Here, with our VA & PT services, we will walk an extra mile to take your securities to the best-level possible to manage the vulnerabilities and get them patched or at least addressed with a defined timeline.

Octofor Red Team

Octofor Red Team Assessments focus on giving your security team practical experience combatting real cyber attacks.